Published: Sun, July 10, 2016
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Big Brother 18 Tiffany,Paul & Bronte Nominated For Eviction Yesterday,July 8th

Big Brother 18 Tiffany,Paul & Bronte Nominated For Eviction Yesterday,July 8th

However, Frank assured her and the rest of the alliance that he was going to push for Tiffany and Paul to be nominated, with Tiffany as the intended target. Corey tells Frank that he knows that he is just being playful. It needs to be someone he doesn't mind getting rid of, but also someone that can possibly be manipulated to do what Frank wants them to.

Paranoia does not look good on Big Brother and she ultimately broke down to her alliance members and made them swear that she wasn't leaving the game through the back door.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear whether Bridgette will make the decision by herself or she will be influenced by her two alliance members. In his free time he has made the sister of the professional poker player cry, and she is now on his target list.

This week, we know that the Paulie, Paul, Bronte, and Tiffany will each be playing in the Veto comp as the HoH and respective three nominees - with the later being #BBRoadkill winner Victor's nominee.

Frank then told Da'vonne about telling Paulie and Da'vonne went running to James. Before the end of the day on Friday, July 8, there will be additional Big Brother 18 spoilers revealing the Roadkill victor and third nomination. She told Bronte it's not just because of Frank, she wants Tiffany out, too. Paulie was surprised there was an alliance actually formed with people Paulie had already built trust with and was humbled in hearing the information. Paul, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne are Haves, while Corey, Nicole, and Tiffany are Have-Nots.

The votes are in and with a 9-1-0 vote; Victor is evicted from the game.

Nicole comes in to use their bathroom and thanks Bridgette for not nominating her. Bridgette says she is not on her radar and Nicole says she is not either. It is a tennis themed competition called "Kiss My Ace". Since Paul is on the block, he gets to pick someone else to play. Lowest point value = elimination. If anything, the weaker the competitor, the better... maybe somebody like Natalie, because I'm sour she voted me out and she was on my own alliance. Bronte is the first one out and eliminations continue until it is one person left on each team.

Paul - Saving himself once again from eviction and nearly winning HOH shows he's fighting to stay in the game.

Predictions have surged regarding the series and how it has affected the way the cast of "Big Brother 18" deals with their peers and their strategies to gain the upper hand.

This summer in CBS' Big Brother we have several new twists.

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