Published: Sat, July 16, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

'Bachelorette' brother Jordan slams Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on show

Aside from that horrifying event, JoJo sent two of her contestants home this week, leaving just four boyfriends left in the race to win her heart during Hometown dates. Yeah, we know, the ol' switcheroo.

Oh, Alex. This lil' dude tried his best, but - despite spending an entire day bonding with JoJo - he just wasn't built to last.

Wait, what?? James T., the cool James T., the James T. that plays the guitar?! It's a snoozefest of a date if their ever was one: the conversation is awkward, and Alex reveals himself to have zero game. The pair ended up kissing while lying on their horse friend's neck, which was cute. We all were! She gives Robby a rose and she'll be meeting his family next week, who I hope is as plastic waxy and Ken doll-like as he is.

Next up, JoJo gets to go on a date with a guy she actually likes (a lot) - frontrunner Jordan. JoJo Fletcher is seen saying that Jordan doesn't like talking about his brother and Jordan says that something (probably his brother) is a topic that doesn't need to be talked about. Jordan strips off his sweaty socks and they start stomping grapes with their feet, siphon some out, and then chug it. Mmm foot juice just like mom used to make. "I choose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother (his other brother Luke)". Jordan's date was filmed in Chico, California on April 25, and he and JoJo spent the day portion of their date at Pleasant Valley High School, which Jordan attended. But Jordan quickly followed up to say that he doesn't hold it against him. Not to be dramatic, but he might not be here for ~the right reasons.~.

Robby, Chase and James Taylor's group date takes a turn for the worst due to bad weather, but that doesn't stop the guys from having an unbelievable time with JoJo - which is great considering that their date is accompanied with this week's only date rose! This time, he told JoJo that Robby was eyeing girls on the streets Argentina.

But hark, here comes drama!

Whoa - was he going to throw his superstar brother under the bus? If you're a cynical viewer, you might consider a declaration of love as a strategic tactic, thoughtfully deployed at just the right moment to achieve maximum impact on the Bachelorette herself and the viewers watching at home. Luke impressed with his expert horseback riding skills.

Thanks to Alex being dismissed after his date with JoJo, she only had to breakup with one boyfriend during the Rose Ceremony, and said boyfriend was James. Like I said in my last recap, jealousy is a totally normal, and understandable, emotion to experience in the weird process that is The Bachelor franchise. While normally a make out session on top of a horse would mean a rose, JoJo breaks with tradition and sends Alex home.

This week's episode of ABC's "The Bachelorette" had everything from horse hypnosis to truth or dare.

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