Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Australian Marketing Exec Dumped After Ranting about Pokémon Go Unavailable in Singapore

Australian Marketing Exec Dumped After Ranting about Pokémon Go Unavailable in Singapore

"You can't catch f**king Pokemon in this f**king piece of s**t country", he wrote over the weekend.

When asked why terminated Mr Truyen's contract with immediate effect, Mr Cheung said: "We believe this is a matter of principle and is a non-negotiable matter for us to make a stand as a company..."

"Why would you call Singapore a f**king piece of s**t country?" she wrote.

In 2012, a Malaysia-born Australian woman, Amy Cheong, was dismissed from her job and left Singapore over a racist rant she made on Facebook.

An Australian man living in Singapore has been fired from his job after he took to Facebook to complain about not being able to access Pokémon GO in the country.

He had, via his social media account, lashed out at Singapore after discovering that the recently-released Pokemon Go game wasn't available in Singapore.

Singapore property portal has fired an employee for making disparaging remarks about Singapore on Facebook.

According to his Facebook page, Mr Truyen is originally from Melbourne and studied internet systems and commerce. Truyan quickly got into an argument with Facebook user Adelene Kong before his rant was captured and shared by local online forum Hardwarezone.

Sonny Truyen walked into the office of and told the CEO he could raise the company profile within a week.

"We are a proud Singaporean company and we do not condone such language or behavior, we have terminated his engagement with us immediately, as soon as the incident came to our attention".

According to Cheung, prides itself on being a Singaporean company that celebrates diversity and equality. "We take responsibility for the public behaviour of any employee or consultant affiliated with us as a reflection of the company". In an interview with Mashable, Mr Truyen admitted that his comments were "a d*** move on my behalf and a very big error in judgement to negatively label an entire country over Pokemon".

The site said Mr Truyen described himself as a "battle tested digital marketer with ten years' experience directing marketing & technology teams at global arena".

"I was racially vilified for not being a "white" Australian. It was disappointing the lengths Singaporeans went at to attack me and deny any chance of making amends for my actions".

"I've parted ways with and would appreciate it if everyone could stop the witch hut there and leave them alone, bombarding them with threats isn't helping".

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