Published: Wed, June 01, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Microsoft's Cortana is now your personal DJ and cooking assistant

Cortana also now has the ability to set a timer. It is being said that the latest build is nearly identical to the last cumulative update that we got - build 14342.1003 - except it fixes a battery issue that was found in Build 14342 on devices such as the Lumia Icon, 930, and 1520, along with "some other fixes". Cortana is now able to respond to voice commands such as "Hey Cortana, play [song name]" from anywhere in Windows, including on the lock-screen. It allows you to play songs you've uploaded to OneDrive or your entire Groove Music catalog.

On the Cortana front, the virtual assistant is now your personal DJ. Now user can command Cortana to set a time for the particular task and manipulate it according to his will. He can alter, reschedule and ask how much time is left t the deadline that has already been set. Users can also tell Cortana to turn off the timer, saying something like "Hey Cortana, cancel my timer". It could be helpful while cooking or just taking a break. Windows Ink Workspace has also seen some notable improvements.

If you want to stay on your current OS and wait Windows 10, we're going to show you how to do just that. Microsoft has updated the Sticky Notes app with new features. As previously announced, you can now scribble down an email address and have it instantly converted to a link to the Mail app. Writing down a phone number will let you call it straight away. Elsewhere, a new security feature helps to protect your PC against malware.

Microsoft has noted through the telemetry from its Malicious Software Removal Tool scans that 3 party antivirus solutions miss detection. The remaining changes in this build are comparatively minor.

The traditional Explorer icon has finally had a revamp with more colour. The update has been forced on users right from the start, while disabling the upgrade notification is an arduous task since Microsoft hasn't made the option available on the main interface and you have to employ methods to work around this.

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