Published: Thu, June 23, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Do you know the real story of the casino?

Do you know the real story of the casino?

It is said that the first gambling games appeared exactly when the first man told to another: "do you want to bet?". Of course, ancient games have nothing in common with the one you will be offered in the best casinos  now.

Gambling was at all times (even when they were under the state ban). Priests in Ancient Egypt loved them, militant gladiators of Rome, the Democrats, and the Greek philosophers ... Even the ancient gods loved to play cards or make a bet on the heroes. We perfectly know from the myths of ancient Greece that gods could make the very dangerous bets on the life of one hero or another. Usually, the main thread was always for a people, but sometimes gods could suffer from their own curse too. One of the main ancient legendary bets started the Trojan War, and killed millions of heroes and punished few goddesses.  So, in this article, we will take only the "tops" and tell the amazing facts about the casino live  ancient history.

The facts from the history of the casino, you probably did not know:

1. In ancient Egypt people believed that gambling dice was a precious gift. The priests taught the Pharaohs how to play, so they then were "prudent and far-sighted, able to win and lose in the political arena". Some of the games that ancient pharaohs admired came to us. And during many years of studying, Egyptologists revealed the rules of these games to us.

2. The first prototype of the casino opened in 557 BC in Rome. However, that establishment was called "Big Circus".

3. And the first "real casino" opened only in 1765 in Paris. Then, this institution was very quickly closed, but the French have not been able to recover from the desire to "play a little bit more".

4. According to many legends of African tribes evil and good powers usually play in the eternal game with each other. They even have the gambling dice. The side that will win can rule the world. 


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