Published: Wed, May 11, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

The growth of the gambling market

The growth of the gambling market

The online revolution has most certainly and very dramatically changed the way in which many industries now run. Whether its customer interaction, virtual transactions, or the need to provide customers and clients with real-time data or instant purchasing power the internet and the evolution of the devices used to connect to it have had a truly global impact. The growth in the mobile market  has had been notably impactful for many online businesses and industries, one of which being the gambling market.

Online gambling has always proved popular with millions of players regularly enjoying playing all their favourite virtual casino games from the comfort of their home. The mobile evolution has simply expanded this reach and with the development of an entire range of innovative smartphones, tablets, wearables and other such mobile-based devices the gaming industry has opened itself up to a whole new audience keen to gamble.

Many online casinos evolved their services to the new and ever expanding mobile market. It allowed players to carry around a whole host of popular casino games in their pocket and gave them the opportunity to enjoy classics like mobile roulette playing them whenever and from wherever they happened to be.

The growth in the market has been quite astonishing and if it indeed reaches the estimated figure of $56.05 billion by the year 2018 that would mean that the market would have doubled in less than a decade. However, surprisingly despite this rapid growth it’s a figure that is still very much a long way short of land-based counterpart. Land-based gambling was worth £317 billion in the global market with the largest share coming from the United States.

With the mobile market still very much in its infancy and with technology changing all the time it won’t be long before the industry will be shifting once more to cater for a new generation of potential online gamblers. Technology such as virtual and augmented reality for example, which is just beginning to reach the mainstream market, is the perfect example of how innovative ideas can be utilised to further develop the online gambling industry which will ultimately aid the growth of the market even further.

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