Published: Tue, May 24, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

The Division 1.04 PS4 update live with patch notes

The Division 1.04 PS4 update live with patch notes

More importantly, the developer pointed out what conditions gamers would have a fulfill in order to get their hand on the new "Clear Sky" Incursion mission, which is upcoming in Columbus Circle, and how they would have to be at level 30 to access it. It's called Conflict and it's the second of the two free updates that Ubisoft had promised for The Division.

For new weapons, the update includes the Centurion M1911 pistol, a Saiga shotgun called Medved and a new M1A marksman rifle called Historian.

At the game's launch, gamers who have reached level 30 found it almost impossible to receive High-End items, so they had to focus on only crafting. Alongside a new Incursion and gear, there's a stack of new gear sets and loot is getting a serious overhaul. Defensive set Final Measure is the ultimate anti-grenade set, giving players a buff that can defuse a hostile grenade. Worn together, the four items in the set give you temporary armor after you hit an enemy at range.

Lone Star: Run and gun class with the ability to grant players 100% more ammo as well as reload by holstering weapons. Completing daily and weekly High-Value Target missions will grant player end game rewards. Now opposing players have the choice of hijacking this loot during the extraction process, simply by cutting the rope and collecting the gear off the ground. The marksman oriented gear let players put a mark on enemies once each piece was worn at the same time, granting a damage boost against other players. Player stashes are also now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint, so there will be no need to go back to Base of Operations to collect extracted loot.

Moving on to the Dark Zone.

In addition, the system removes the incentive of playing through easier activities once a gamer has acquired gear that is better than what they could get from that certain activity.

Ubisoft also made a few changes to the User Interface of the game, along with a lot of bug fixes, which is the main gripe of some players.

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