Published: Wed, May 18, 2016
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Technological Advancements For All Generations

Technological Advancements For All Generations

When we think of technological advancements, we're often guilty of thinking of things which directly affect millennials (those of us born after 1980). Okay, sure, we probably consider baby boomers in there at some point, too, but when you read anything about tech, the glossy stock photo is usually smiling, attractive people in their teens to mid-thirties. So, are brands majorly missing out? Or are there some savvy people catering for 'niche' targets after all? We've considered just a few examples of direct catering to all generations, or a certain few that are often overlooked.

Online Bingo... For Everyone

When you picture bingo, you might not be imagining people of all ages. But these days it's not just for people of grandparent age. However, thanks to the internet, grandparents can of course play, too. In the past, if your grandmother couldn't get out of the house due to a bad knee or other ailment, it meant she'd have to miss out on her weekly bingo fix. Not anymore! Seniors - and everyone else - can play these games from the comfort of their own homes. It's easily done, and there are a range of offerings available which are designed to appeal to players of all ages (in fact, most players are actually aged under 50). As an example,  bgo bingo  has themes from Fairy Delight to Joker Jackpot, taking into account all tastes (and budgets, too, thanks to its "spend £10, play with £50" policy)! It's also regulated by the British Gambling Commission, so you know you're super secure. The fact that Paris Hilton is a brand ambassador for bgo also demonstrates the game’s appeal to younger players. Bingo is wildly appealing, mostly for the buzz you get when you realise you're the first to have all of the numbers. Of course, the inclusive nature of this online community is imperative. Rocket Bingo prides itself on being "your" bingo site (really listening to its users through Facebook and other social media), whilst Sky Bingo actively encourages people to "tell us what you think", so that they can ensure their experiences appeal to all.

Educational Products For Babies

When we were kids, we were lucky if we were given 20 minutes on one of those old-fashioned machines they called a computer. Here we go, assuming you're a millennial again. Perhaps computers weren't even invented when you were younger? We digress. Anyway, these days, babies are blessed with everything from the tech to learn a language, to even being able to learn a new, modern language - coding. Yep,  kids are coding out there, so watch out, grown-ups, they'll soon be after our jobs!

" Code " ( CC BY 2.0 ) by    nigelpepper  

Online Dating For All Adults

No adult should feel excluded from the modern phenomenon that is online dating. It's true that when these sites first started, they were daunting because they perhaps seemed unapproachable. However, these days, you can set up a profile, providing you're legally old enough. You can then enjoy dates with people your own age, whether you're 18 or 78 (or beyond). Of course, these sites aren't perfect and often there's still a certain demographic using them. But there have been several attempts to diversify. No matter what your age or background, you deserve to find love... and tech can help with that.

" Heart " ( CC BY 2.0 ) by    seyed mostafa zamani  

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