Published: Sat, May 07, 2016
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Still no confirmed cause of death for Prince

Still no confirmed cause of death for Prince

Legions of fans across were stunned by Thursday's news, and tributes are taking place across the country in the wake of Prince's death. The soundtrack from the movie sold 22 million copies and featured two No. 1 hits.

Authorities wouldn't comment on whether the incident was drug related, stating it was too early in the investigation to speculate.

"There have been so many rumors I've read about", Olson said. He wouldn't say whether Prince was on drugs at the time of his death, or dispel any rumors circulating surrounding the singer's death.

Olson said Prince was last seen alive Wednesday evening when he was dropped off at his residence. He promised he "will make sure the public knows what happened" when the results of both the autopsy and investigation become available.

Carver County Sheriff Olson said officers processed the Paisley Park compound as a crime scene, which is customary procedure for an unexplained death.

About three or four agencies and numerous detectives are working on the "unwitnessed death" in what the sheriff described as a "high profile case". He was 57 years old. Each box contained a handout with a color photo of the late musician and a black T-shirt with "3121" printed on it in white - the numbers were the title of a Prince album.

Still, she says Prince "really took care of himself", including eating well. But she said she hadn't talked directly with him in several months.

A spokesperson for the Midwest chief medical examiner in Minnesota said his body would be released to his family later on Friday, the BBC reports. There were no obvious signs of trauma. Carmike is finalizing showtimes and continues to add theaters, so fans are encouraged to check the link periodically for availability in their area.

As part of a complete exam, relevant information regarding Mr. Nelson's medical and family history will be gathered. However, it may take time for information to be released. It is now prepared to release the singer's body to his family.

Prince had canceled concerts in Atlanta, citing the flu.

The Sheriff revealed that Prince had been the only person at Paisley Park when he died. On the flight home, Prince's plane made an emergency landing in IL.

Prince had struggled with hip problems and childhood epilepsy.

Prince performs a concert in 2009. She described his cause of death as "pending".

Prince's former bodyguard has remembered the star's partying days.

An autopsy was performed on Friday. First responders attempted to provide lifesaving CPR, but were unable to revive the victim.

The Midwest Medical Examiner's office was then contacted. An unresponsive male, identified as Prince, was discovered in an elevator.

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