Published: Wed, May 04, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Microsoft is committed to Windows 10 Mobile, says Terry Myerson

Microsoft attributed this to Windows 10, which includes tighter Bing integration.

Windows 8.1 is at the fourth place with a market share of 9.16%, down from 9.56% in March. But Microsoft has stated that it's shooting for 1 billion devices within the two to three years of the software's release, so it's still got a way to go. Internet Explorer 11 remains the most popular version of Edge's predecessor, accounting for 19.87 percent. Linux suffered a small drop in market share this month as well, falling by a 0.13 per cent to 1.6 per cent.

With the platform taking a backseat this year until 2017, Terry Myerson chose to send an email to the employees at Microsoft where he talked about Windows 10 Mobile and how much the company is not giving up hope.

Apple's Mac operating systems collectively accounted for 9.2% of PCs online last month, up from 7.8% in March. Windows Central said that it and Redstone 3, which hasn't been mentioned at all, would both be heavily focused on "innovation around mobile phones". It is now being rumored that the management might soon pull the plug on the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile OS devices.

Over the past few months, the Windows maker has made repetitive efforts to entice users on Windows 10.

Launched July 29, Windows 10 is a free upgrade for the first year to anyone running Windows 7 or 8.1. The Windows 7 held 52.5% market share at the beginning of 2016, which has now dropped to 48.3%. "Our longstanding relationship with Microsoft and decades of co-development for our mutual clients gives us the knowledge and INSIGHT to help clients migrate and take advantage of the platforms Microsoft offers".

Microsoft's grip on the operating systems market has weakened, with its share dropping to below 90 per cent, with Apple's Mac OS X seizing almost 10 per cent of the market. Looking at Net Applications logged data over time, the company has recorded a significant increase in "Other" market share. It appears that previous versions of OS X gained market share over last month; make of that what you will.

In general, Windows lost 1.22 points and now holds 89.2% market share, as of April 2016.

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