Published: Tue, May 31, 2016
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Jennifer Streit-Spears: Photos From Victim's Facebook Page

Jennifer Streit-Spears: Photos From Victim's Facebook Page

Upon entering the house, police officials found Jennifer's lifeless body lying on the floor and Alan Amyx alive with a few knife wounds, which police believe to be self-made.

Kenneth Alan Amyx, 45, is now in Collin County Jail for the alleged murder of Jennifer Streit-Spears.

Amyx was taken to a local hospital where he was "treated and released", according to Fox 4 News, and was then taken to jail.

Jennifer Streit-Spears' friends had to look at her mutilated body on social media for almost two days after her boyfriend, 45-year-old Kenneth Alan Amyx, posted the bloodied photo of them with the caption, "Please pray for us and love you all", according to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

Police arrived to the scene after Streit-Spears' sister called 911, police spokesman David Tilley told New York Daily News. According to a report by NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, Amyx included the caption, "Please pray for us".

The pictures were removed as soon as it was determined that the victim's account had been hacked, the spokesperson said.

Family and friends were horrified to see the bloody images on Jennifer Streit-Spears own Facebook page
FACEBOOK Family and friends were horrified to see the bloody images on Jennifer Streit-Spears' own Facebook page

In addition to the murder charge, Amyx also faces charges of sexual abuse of a child and is being held in jail.

Alan Amyx has been charged with first-degree murder and is held on a bond of Dollars 600,000. "I just started to reach out to our mutual friends to see if anybody knew anything". The police stated the photos will be used as evidence in the case against the Texas man.

"Anytime you saw people coming out of there, they looked normal, didn't look angry, didn't look like murderers or anything".

"I did ask them to remove it several times".

Kenneth Amyx, 45, has been charged with murder.

Her sister immediately called police after seeing the gory images and tried in vain to have them pulled from Facebook.

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