Published: Wed, April 20, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

'The Division' Incursion Glitch Fixed: Future Cheaters Could Face Permanent Ban

'The Division' Incursion Glitch Fixed: Future Cheaters Could Face Permanent Ban

One psycho decided that didn't apply to him, however, and went solo taking only 30 minutes to complete it on hard.

Interestingly, now that the warning has been issued to the community, there are now players who are looking at justifying the use of the cheat.

This is what Falcon Lost looks like when being played legitimately.

The Division hasn't exactly had the smoothest launch, with queuing issues, hacks, missing characters and Ubi has already started handing out three-day bans for players who disconnect. In a way, the original missions felt like instances you'd find in Destiny or World of Warcraft, making them a bit easier to farm and enjoy the process. However, a glitch involving the game's portable cover skill and glitching through a wall allowed players to skip a lot of the fight and get right to the reward.

Community manager Natchai Stappers shared on the game's official forum that using the Division exploit is a violation of its Code of Conduct.

The development team at Ubisoft in charge of The Division has recently deployed a new hotfix for the game that was, in part, created to eliminate a major exploit associated with the new Falcon Lost mission that allowed players to make progress without triggering the arrival of powerful waves of enemies. Even more frustrating, though, was the discovery that Falcon Lost could be easily exploited, which meant that dedicated cheesers could use it to churn out full loadout of the best gear in the game.

According to the Code of Conduct, "exploitation of any new or known issues or bugs is forbidden and may result in account suspension or revocation". "The Division" community on Reddit has responded to the issue in a frustrating manner. After the update, players now have a "Gear Score" next to their name, similar to gear levels in other MMOs or light levels in Destiny. Ubisoft quickly caught on, and are working on fixing the glitch, but those who utilize the exploit will face retribution.

The exploit is so universal at this point, players have reported being kicked from groups for not using it and feeling compelled to do so just to keep up in regards to the PvP-centric endgame activity, the Dark Zone. The incursion was created to provide this loot, just once a week, requiring players to come back again and again over time to gain the full set of randomly doled out gear. That's all in the future, though.

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