Published: Thu, April 14, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Microsoft covered its new Surface Signature Type Cover in fancy Italian fabric

Microsoft covered its new Surface Signature Type Cover in fancy Italian fabric

If you're still not sold on the properties of Alcantara, Microsoft has produced an Apple-esque video that uses flowery language to talk about the manufacturing process of Alcantara and what makes its strands of fabric so unique.

What do you think of this new keyboard accessory for Surface?

The new Type Cover costs $159.99, and doesn't offer any novelties in terms of functionality.

Thanks to the precise material section of the Alcantara material in the new Signature Type Cover, an attractive two-tone grey mélange effect is created.

I've maintained since Microsoft first launched the Surface Pro line that the keyboard cover should be bundled by default. The latter will help users access the fingerprint option on the Type Cover.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 4 itself has a 12.3-inch touch-screen display and support for the company's stylus, the Surface Pen. Microsoft put its efforts towards providing both functionality and enjoyment of use, as they assure that they "needed something that was both durable and handsome".

Normally, Alcantara fabric is mainly used by headphones manufacturers for a soft and comfortable fit and this is the first time Microsoft is using it to produce a keyboard. The material is unique and is extruded, crimped, needle-punched and dyed to ultimately blend Italian luxury, and the aesthetics and durability of Finnish minimalistic design.

It seems that the Surface Signature Type Cover is now available for purchase from the Microsoft Store, so head on over if you'd like to get your hands on it.

This new Signature Type Cover goes above and beyond that baseline functionality, though, and provides a uniquely luxurious look and feel for the Surface Pro 4.



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