Published: Thu, April 14, 2016
Medical | By Garry George

Infant conjoined twins to be separated in Corpus Christi

Infant conjoined twins to be separated in Corpus Christi

The mother of the Torres babies says to please keep her in your prayers. Her sister Scarlett remains asleep and is "doing good so far", he said.

Grand Prairie brothers Owen and Emmett Ezell, born conjoined in July 2013, were separated at Dallas' Medical City Children's Hospital in August of that same year and sent home from a rehab center in April 2014. One can only imagine how the parents feel. "Sometimes I can't even sleep", said Raul Torres. Additionally, doctors used a 3-D model from a specialized MRI, created to help them map out the surgery. Their surgery was very successful and the two girls are thriving, having had their second birthday only this Monday. "Couldn't ask for better ones". Conjoined twins will be separated Tuesday.

"I was amazed. Even mom was amazed", said Torres.

A team of at least 45 people will be involved in their separation surgery on Tuesday.

While the hard part may be over, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Saturday, the family of the twins baptized the girls at the hospital.

Scarlet was out of reconstructive surgery around 6:30 p.m., with her sister following around 90 minutes thereafter.

"Just in case something happens like that, their soul can already be with God before something bad happens".

According to Fox 7 News, they were transferred to their Texas hospital hours after birth this past May, and a team of doctors has been working with them for months to get ready for separation surgery.

Conjoined sisters Ximena & Scarlett Hernandez-Torres are about five hours into surgery. When the two are separated, the doctors will need to reroute both girls' kidneys to their correct bladders and will divide the colon between them.

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