Published: Sun, April 17, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Here's an early looks at Messaging Everywhere for Windows 10

Here's an early looks at Messaging Everywhere for Windows 10

And it's a huge update. The good news is that Microsoft has since confirmed (via Windows Central) that the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile will be released soon as well. But this build is also not available to the Lumia 635 for some reason.

Say what you like about Microsoft, but it has created a really worthy successor to the Japanese game show Endurance. Hang on to your butts: It's ahuge list.

Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades and has been changing the way the world of technology functions. Users can now add images when asking Cortana to remind you of something, for instance picking up that carton of juice at the supermarket. You now get individual icons for pages which makes the UI less messy. Those notifications will also be better organized: If you have more than one reminder from a given app, they'll be grouped together to make them easy to see.

Glance screen settings has moved. Edge will now get better copy/paste options along with a better way of managing tabs. There is now a single entry point for all battery related settings in the Settings app (including Battery Saver) called ... wait for it ...

As usual, the update is delivered through the store on both PCs and mobile devices, so fire up the Windows Store and look for the new version right now if you're an avid Twitter user. After installing build 14322, one of the first things you'll notice is that Microsoft made some visual changes to the Action Center.

The Microsoft Edge authentication system leverages Windows Hello's biometric authentication capabilities along with what public-key (or "asymmetric") cryptography.

Microsoft Edge Browser: While typing into an edit box, users will be able to paste directly from the paste button above the keyboard.

Improved tab behavior in Microsoft Edge.

According to the software giant via a blog post, "Continuum-capable phones now include support for most USB Ethernet adapters".

Fixed issues with lock screen. Although there're no new features but it enhances stability, performance and reliability of the OS.

Messaging Everywhere is a nifty new tool that will enable Windows 10 users to send text messages from their PCs natively.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring in tweaks and improvements to the existing features along with a new range of innovative features, primarily focused on business users. Introducing the new update, Microsoft classroom, and forms, one class notebook with LMS (Learning Management System) integration and as well Minecraft: Education Edition is the new update for Windows 10.

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