Published: Sat, March 19, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Tesla Model 3 Spotted In Official Shadow Picture

Tesla Model 3 Spotted In Official Shadow Picture

Existing Tesla owners have reportedly received an e-mail regarding the March 31 launch event. Details on how to receive a ticket were sent out in a customer email.

As it is, Tesla has insisted starting price will be $35,000 before potential subsidies and it will be so desirable as to propel the company to massive growth in the next several years. According to a couple of Tesla owners off of Reddit earlier today, a special e-mail landed in their inboxes inviting them to an exclusive unveiling just for 650 current owners and their guests. Invitations were sent first to winners of the Model S referral program however, the only details shared at the time were that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) would be the airport of the event. The Model 3 will be Tesla's first foray into the mass market, and it is being tapped to cover the same price level as the Chevy Bolt electric vehicle.

More interestingly, it will create a complex situation in the USA where a cap of 200,000 units sold per manufacturer is imposed on the $7,500 Federal tax credit for electric vehicles. An argument that further supports that Tesla will display a working model is a tweet by Tesla Motors on Tuesday night.

That's an important step for the company - it's one thing to sell low-volume, high-price cars but it's an entirely different proposition to be churning them out in the millions - but it's also a potentially important stepping stone in the acceptance of self-driving cars and other automated driving systems. This will help the company moderate the impacts of the higher costs associated with building the first vehicles. A $1,000 refundable deposit is required to reserve a place in line for the Model 3. It appears that Tesla plans to prioritize deliveries of the Model 3 to current Model S and X owners. But don't expect the production version to be any worse; it's Tesla's policy to make the production version of its prototypes as good - if not better - than the prototypes it shows to the public.

Musk had previously described the vehicle as similar in size to the Audi A4, a compact sedan that competes with the BMW 3 series.

The body may be made of steel, instead of aluminum (like Model S) in order to save money.

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