Published: Fri, March 25, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Microsoft introduces yet another Skype for Windows 10

Microsoft introduces yet another Skype for Windows 10

I asked Microsoft officials whether the coming UWP Skype app would be available through the Store or be bundled with Windows 10. This was created after collecting and analyzing feedback from the consumer preview of Skype Integration for Windows 10.

This preview, which is now rolling out to Windows Insiders, is the first full Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of Skype. Microsoft does plan to allow Windows 10 Mobile users to also run the coming unified Skype UWP app at some point. "We're going to deliver a performant, fully featured UWP hub app. Messaging, calling and video all in the same application".

"On small screens, these integrated apps worked really well", Barbie Stafford, director of product marketing for Skype, told Alphr.

If you want to give it a shot, you'll have to be a Windows Insider - the company is mainly looking for feedback on performance at this stage. It also features what Stafford called a "streamlined user experience", removing clutter like rarely-used status updates, and eliminating the "old-school" top menu in favour of right-click options on objects like contacts.

What's unclear is how this will play out when the Skype UWP app is "complete".

The latest Windows 10 Redstone build released by Microsoft is impacted by a bug that makes it impossible to use Xbox One controllers to play games on PCs.

It was only previous year that Starbucks was adamant that they were not brining their app to Windows Phones, as they said they would only concentrate on mobile platforms that offered the greatest opportunity - well we wonder what has changed their mind?


As a UWP app, the new Skype for Windows 10 can adjust to a variety of screen sizes and form factors. It will also introduce new capabilities, like the ability to chat with people whether or not they use Skype, group chat, group voice and video calling, and a means to deal with notifications individually for every single chat. The initial release will include calls, messaging, availability, emoticons and Mojis (short video clips), photo sending and joining existing group chats. You can also find more in the FAQ document here. What Microsoft discovered is that the decoupled apps are preferred on the phone-phone usage tends to be more task-oriented, and the decoupled apps mimic the approach taken on, for example, iOS, where Phone, iMessage, and Facetime are all separate.

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