Published: Thu, March 17, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Chumlee Arrest Report Details More Drugs, Guns

Chumlee Arrest Report Details More Drugs, Guns

Russell was arrested Wednesday after police say officers serving a search warrant in a sexual assault investigation found methamphetamine, marijuana and a gun at his southwest Las Vegas home.

With "Pawn Stars" cast member Chumlee getting sent to jail last week, police conducted a search of his home and their findings would make Scarface blush.

According to a police report cited by People magazine, they found 12 guns, including handguns, rifles and assault-style MP5, as well as a gallon plastic bag with marijuana, a small quantity of methamphetamine and various drug paraphernalia.

While no assault charges have been filed, the report states that the amount of drugs and drug-related paraphernalia found in Russell's home suggests to police that the 33-year-old might be a drug dealer.

Varying amounts of marijuana were found at different spots of the home, totaling 138.7 grams, according to police.

Many of these items are commonly found with persons who package and sell controlled substances, i.e., plastic baggies and digital scales".

"We will be analyzing what was allegedly found and whether the alleged seizure was lawful in a courtroom, not in the media", David Chesnoof said. "Austin has great faith in the judicial system, as do we, and looks forward to a just resolution of this matter".

Chumlee reportedly told police he wasn't a drug dealer and that he preferred to buy in bulk because he smokes "a lot of weed".



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