Published: Thu, October 01, 2015
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Lena Dunham calls tweets she gets 'verbal violence'

Dunham, who created the television show Girls, said a recent photo of her in a bra and her boyfriend's boxers on Instagram had prompted intolerable abuse.

At what point do girls cease being girls and become women? A big part of that decision is related not only to controversies like the Gawker clash, but also the sort of hate she received after recently posting a picture in her underwear.

What Gawker and Jezebel do is report and analyze entertainment and celebrity culture.

Dunham noted that she no longer visits Gawker and Jezebel, likening reading the publications to domestic abuse. It felt like my body, my hormones, my general sense of well-being were betraying me.

Dunham, 29, hasn't quit Instagram yet, as she believes it's a "more positive community" than its status-sharing colleague. Discussing such feelings about the double-edged sword of social media and the Internet, Dunham says: "When I first discovered the world wide web as a teenager it felt like salvation".

Normally, I don't make public comments about a woman's homely appearance, unless she's asking for it, and boy is Dunham asking for it.

Dunham still has a Twitter account, but it's handled by a third party.

As sad as it is to see such a dramatically rich series go, it's about time Dunham got back to making movies, considering how promising Tiny Furniture was on both an aesthetic level and in terms of the screenwriting.

In the most polite terms possible, Crabapple (and a whole bunch of other people) explained to her why, if you claim to believe in human rights, there are simply not two sides to this issue.


"It changed into the foremost rabid, appalling reviews about my body system, and my Instagram site was in fact somewhat the main point for misogynists to use on the afternoon", he withdrawed. "And so, for me personally, it was safer to stop [using Twitter]".

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