Published: Sat, October 10, 2015
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Everything Microsoft Corporation Announced at Its Latest Event -- In 2 Minutes

Everything Microsoft Corporation Announced at Its Latest Event -- In 2 Minutes

After all, the Microsoft Surface Book is indeed a very powerful tablet that runs on desktop Windows according to The Verge.

Microsoft has announced that the Surface Pro 4 will be offered at a price of $899. The Surface Pro 4 on the other hand focuses more towards portability, and today, both the devices have become available on Ebay and Amazon as well.

Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft's latest play to make a significant mark in the smartphone market, where it now holds less than a 3 percent share, with IDC predicting that figure to remain unchanged for the next 12 months. Considering the need of the hour, Lumia 950 is offering a 5.2-inch screen, scoring extra points here.

Microsoft unveiled its new high-end Lumia models earlier this week, and now as everyone's waiting for the two devices to start shipping, more information on a few undisclosed features starts surfacing.

"With Windows 10 and these new Microsoft devices, you are at the centre of magical new experiences", said Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft.

However, it said that 110 million devices were now running Windows 10, the operating system which launched at the end of July. For lighter tasks, users can go to tablet mode.

This will apparently exclude devices with less than 8GB of internal memory, and all devices must be running Lumia Denim. The Surface book features a 13.5-inch display and it detaches from its dynamic fulcrum hinge, and can be used as a Windows 10 tablet without the rest of the computer.

Two smartphones are available, as part of the Lumia range brought into Microsoft with the acquisition of Nokia in 2014. The feature lets you transform your Windows 10 mobile device into a PC using a hardware adapter, called the Display Dock.

And on the wearable front, the new Microsoft Band 2 is sporting a different and much-needed new form factor.

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