Published: Mon, October 26, 2015
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Dabo Swinney On 58-0 Clemson Rout Of Miami: "Today Was Flawless"

Dabo Swinney On 58-0 Clemson Rout Of Miami:

Clemson handed the Hurricanes the largest margin of loss in their storied history, 58-0, before leaving Sun Life Stadium. Any glimmer of hope? Herman, 40, who has Houston (7-0) rolling in his first season, earns $1.35 million this season. Clemson Tigers scored 41.7 points compared to allowed 17.7 points with point differential of 24.0. The oddsmakers figured the Hurricanes could keep this game under a touchdown. He did not play due to a coach's decision. Well Lee, it was just a bit more than a field goal. They are also adept at beating Clemson, considering they've done it each of the past three meetings.

"We got beat from top to bottom".

He got a signature loss instead. It was UM's worst trampling in history, and that's going back to 1926.

Golden, 32-25 overall and 17-18 in ACC play after Saturday's loss, did a commendable work in the early years at Miami wading through an inherited NCAA scandal.

Miami's athletic director claims that there won't be a coaching change. Does he do what the Dolphins did and pick an interim coach?

Losing like Saturday was the saddest state of affairs, suggesting the coach had lost the team again.

The time to replace Golden was after the regression of the 2014 season. If the buck stops with him, it is time to get him going and put his foot out the door. And he didn't even play much of the second half, watching and resting on the sidelines.

↑ N.C. State: strange things usually happen to the Wolfpack at Wake Forest but not on Saturday, not with quarterback Jacoby Brissett returning to form and running back Matt Dayes rushing for a career-best 205 yards. It scored 34 points on Boston College, a team that had previously given up 43 points in six games, last Saturday.

The stakes are obvious for both sides: Miami needs a win to stay somewhere near the top of the race in the Coastal, and Clemson is looking to enhance its resume as a national-championship contender. Clemson rushed for 416 yards, its highest total since 2000 against Wake Forest. Nick Schuessler, who's owned that spot since the spring, completed one of his five passing attempts for four yards while Bryant had one pass that also went for four yards.

UM consistently loses in the trenches. Kaaya left with a possible concussion. "I thought we were locked in", Golden told WQAM after the game, via the Palm Beach Post. In five years, love for Golden has soured to spitting disdain from hardcore supporters.

UM should have chosen a new leader many months ago. Now, it will be tough to make a switch, and it's questionable how effective a stopgap coach could be.

Miami is a small private school that doesn't have the money of a football factory like Clemson or Alabama. Plus, James would be firing a coach with a winning record.

"They had the fire", Miami guard Joe Brown said.

"We came out and executed, and we dominated from the get-go, Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson said". Then we watched the Hurricanes punt from the Clemson 41-yard line three plays later. Let's just say, he didn't do any better.

"Gotta move on", linebacker Tyriq McCord said. a two-man rush. Joaquin Gonzalez, a former team captain for the University of Miami, wrote tweets with a few choice four-letter words. The Tigers' entire arsenal of tight ends totaled six touchdown catches in the 2013-14 seasons combined. Everybody gets to be Don Rickles.

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