Published: Thu, September 24, 2015
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Who Is Prosecutor Roxanne Ford on 'Empire'?

Who Is Prosecutor Roxanne Ford on 'Empire'?

Because "Empire" accomplished a nearly impossible feat in its first season - growing its audience each week - the show is probably facing a bigger challenge against the sophomore slump than any show to date. "And, also, we tell stories about social media".

The premiere could see the jailed Empire mogul return to claim his throne or rot in jail. And Cookie's fashion game has definitely been stepped up.

Another welcome sign is those star cameos. I gotta stick to the family. "During the filming for scenes with Chris, Lee Daniels had this inspiration".

She then proceeds to slip on a gorilla costume and lock herself in a cage before schmoozing it up with Don Lemon, Al Sharpton and Andre Leon Talley. She added, "We actually went to craft service, grabbed some steak and cut off the fat, and glued it on to the actor's skin". Here's a tidbit: The Hollywood Reporter's Lacey Rose wrote that, "multiple insiders" allege that Rock's character was originally going to be a cannibal, but that Fox network bosses nixed that idea.

Lucious has had his eye on Mimi from prison where he was able to watch the entire benefit concert on a giant plasma screen television. He sets up not one, but two double-crosses.

Just as in Season 1, there will be more than a fair number of familiar faces in Season 2. Her strong personality and unique words have been dubbed "Cookie-isms" by fans of the show. No one comes for Cookie unless Lucious sends for them. Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei) is the banker whose bucks she needs. But, her shade only runs so deep. In case you need a reminder, Frank is the drug dealer Cookie snitched on, and it only took about five seconds before he convinced Cookie's cousin to sell her out. Tiana and Anika are still in the mix of things too, and it sounds as if the battle for power will be more brutal than ever before.

Frank wants to know who ordered the hit against his boy, which points to Cookie. He's back with his first beau, after his little tryst with Ryan at the end of last season, and boyfriend wants Jamal to make friendly with the LGBT community by inviting "Miss Lawrence" to his office.

In the latest promo trailer for "Empire" Season 2 Episode 1, TV Fanatic reported Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) looked like he was giving the orders in the company now that his father, Lucious, is behind bars. In a show with more chill, what happened in the premiere could've made for a season worth of plot, but for the Lyons? Now we know who the "devils" are, and we can't wait to see what hell they'll raise next.


Season 2 of "Empire" started with Empire Records hosting a star-studded #FreeLucious concert in Central Park. And in the final clip called "Say What?" In such a delicious way!

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