Published: Mon, September 21, 2015
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

China condemns Peshawar terrorist attack

China condemns Peshawar terrorist attack

13 Taliban militants dressed in uniforms of Pakistan's paramilitary forces infiltrated and attacked the Camp Badaber air base on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Eventually, all 13 terrorists were shot and killed before they could penetrate "deep" into the compound.

The mastermind behind the PAF Badaber base attack - in which 29 people, mostly in the forces and a few civilians, lost their lives and all the attackers were killed - is said to be Umar Mansoor, also known as Khalif Umar. He said at least eight militants have been killed as clearing operation continue to eliminate the remaining militants.

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Muhammad Khurasani in an e-mailed statement claimed responsibility and said a "suicidal unit" had carried out the attack.

He said the group targeted 50 security forces, but the claim could not be confirmed by government or military sources.

The Pakistan air force has been playing a major role in the fight against militants since June 2014, when the army launched an operation to flush out militants from the region to end the bloody decade-long Islamist insurgency.

This is the Pakistani Taliban's first major attack since 145 people, including 132 children, were killed by its gunmen at a school in Peshawar last December.

China condemns Peshawar terrorist attack
China condemns Peshawar terrorist attack

Bajwa said 16 people were killed in the mosque. Bajwa alleged that the militants used neighboring Afghanistan as their base for the attack and came from across the border. Austrian police said some 6,700 people travelled to the Central European country from Hungary after being trapped on Friday in a vicious tug-of-war as bickering European governments shut border crossings, blocked bridges and erected new barbed-wire fences in a bid to shut down travel routes.

President Mamnoon Hussain, in condemning the attack, said the government was committed to weeding out terror from the country.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said it will prepare a report of the attack.

A wounded soldier, Akram Ullah, said from his hospital bed that he was inside the mosque and that he remembers seeing a gunman with a grenade come in. The attack was the largest made on a military base in Pakistan this year.


One of the groups attempted to enter into the residential area of the camp while others rushed to the installments at the camp, but they were intercepted by the security personnel. Rebels also attacked Mehran Airbase in the coastal city Karachi, causing heavy casualties.

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